About Us

About Us

Our Journey

In the 1980s, our company managing director Puneet Bery’s father Santosh Kumar Bery used to manufacture diesel engine crankshafts, with around 20 employees in a single manufacturing unit in Meerut. At the time, Puneet was observing the shifts in the industry. He realised that crankshafts are going to become redundant and fade out with technology advancements in the sector.

As a manufacturing and export company, we aim to enrich lives and take the economy with us as we reach new pinnacles of success with every step we take.

This got Puneet thinking about a global exports opportunity to be leveraged with existing resources and capital. After brainstorming, he decided to focus on manufacturing pipeline flanges, which was particularly in high demand in the Middle East. Puneet says that in those days, countries in the Middle East had contracts with US companies for maintaining and upgrading their oil refineries. Wanting to tap into this market, Puneet started Noida-based KSP Inc in 1987.


Founded in 1987, KSP INC is India's one of the fastest growing handicrafts export company, offering customers every choice in terms of material like bird feeders, lawn and garden decor, furniture, fireplace tools and accessories and home storage.

It exports to several countries, including the US, the UK, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Canada, France, and Australia. Some of its clients include Walmart, Lowes, Tesco, Sainsbury, Staples, among others.

The company is running under well managed and well experienced official and technical staff with well equipped latest machinery setup.

Our main motto is to do business with client satisfaction and fulfill their requirements under the time line provided with offering good quality on a very competitive prices.

Today we have evolved to a point, where-in we are catering from exclusive designers to mass retailers, equally effectively.


Our people are our most important asset and we strive to be a people-first company, supporting our teams across corporate offices and factory units to reach their full potential. Our corporate offices in Noida and Delhi NCR are forward-thinking work environments where we encourage personal initiative and support innovation. Once you are part of the KSP INC team we strive to provide constant learning opportunities that enable you to grow within the industry.